Haircuts & Style

New Client Women’s Curly Cut with Hands On Styling Instructions - $130

Includes curl by curl dry haircut, detox wash, mask or olaplex treatment, hands on styling instructions + style

New Client Women’s Curly Cut with Style - $80

Includes curl by curl dry haircut, detox wash, product recommendations + style

Existing Client Women's Curly Cut with Style - $75

Includes curl by curl dry haircut, shampoo + style

Existing Client Dry Curly Cut - $60

Includes curl by curl dry haircut followed with hair refreshing

Mens Curly Cut - $50

Includes curl by curl dry haircut, shampoo + style

Curly Wash + Style - $50+

Includes detox wash, scalp massage, shampoo + style

Women’s Straight Haircut + Blowout - $60 

Includes dry or wet haircut, shampoo + style 

Blowout - $50

Includes detox wash, scalp massage, shampoo + style 

Updo - $120

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Balayage/Pintura/Highlights - $120+

Includes foils, hand painted highlights, or curly coloring techniques, shampoo + style

Partial Highlights 

Includes partial foil or hand painted highlights, shampoo + style

All Over Color - $120

Includes shampoo + style

Root Touch Up - $75

Includes shampoo + style

Color Gloss - $60

Includes shampoo + style

(Corrective - Consultation Required) 


Original Brazilian Blowout - $250+ 

Brazilian Blowout Express -$130+

Instant Split End Correction -$60

Tape In Extensions Installation - $250+

Extension Touch Up - $175+ 

Extension Removal - $35


Brow Wax + TInt - $30

Brow Wax - $20

Lip Wax - $10


Cel Curl is a salon that works with your natural texture. All haircuts are performed on dry hair. When getting your haircut dry, you can truly see what is happening in front of you. You don’t wear your hair wet, so why would you get it cut wet? Getting a curl by curl haircut is a serious game changer. It’s time to not worry about a dreadful surprise at the end of your haircut!



How is a curly haircut different than a regular haircut?

A curly haircut is a curl by curl haircut on dry hair. While getting a curly cut, the stylist and client can watch the hair transform and visually see how each curl will fall and each individual curls shape. Finally, you can actually see what your hair will look like! A regular haircut on curly hair is done on wet hair by pulling the hair straight and cutting in a straight line. After getting a regular haircut on curly hair, the hair shrinks in different directions, more length gets taken off than anticipated, and can ruin the curl pattern by doing a heated blowout style.

How do I arrive to my appointment?

Please have your hair washed and styled curly how you normally would at home. Hair must be dry and in workable condition. Feel free to use any styling products that do not contain shea butter/shea moisture or heavy oils like coconut or olive oil. If you are using these products at home currently, please stop using 2 weeks prior to your appointment.

What do I do if I’m wanting to transition from wearing my hair straight to curly?

Come in for a complimentary consultation or give us a call so we can see what your curls look like and can shoot for a realistic expectation. Curls do take time to heal from heat styling but can be easily done with the right tools and products at home. We highly recommend opting with the styling lesson.

Can I bring a friend/family member with me to my appointment?

Yes, you may bring one person with you to your appointment. The studio has a limited amount of seating and has a very relaxing atmosphere.

Do you only do curly hair?

No, I do all hair types!

We look forward to meeting you and seeing your beautiful curls transform.


I am so happy to be working with Celeste for all my curly hair needs. She really cares a lot about her clients, she makes it a point to get to learn more about you. She personally tries out the products herself to give you an honest review and to keep your hair looking good and feeling healthy after each visit.

— Felisha H.