A New Curly Hair Salon in Utah

  Cel Curl Salon is a premier curly hair specialty salon located in Salt Lake City, Utah focusing on excellent customer service skills and amazing hair results. Specializing in dry hair cutting and curly hair styling. We use methods taught by the top curly hair artists in the industry, including Scott Musgrave, founder of Curly Hair Artistry, and Lorraine Massey, founder of Deva Curl, writer of “Curly Girl, The Handbook” and creator of the curl-by-curl cutting technique. Cel Curl Salon is proud to be trained by the most elite curly hair specialists in the world. A place where you can come to relax and never feel nervous to get a haircut again! We look forward to giving the expertise back to you…and your beautiful curls.

Celeste is the best! She understands curly hair SO well! Just a few snips of my curls, and BOOM, it’s like magic. I got a curly cut a week ago, and all week long, every day was a good hair day! I even told a friend it was the best cut I ever had (true story!).
— Melissa C.
Cel Curl is absolutely amazing! It’s bright and friendly atmosphere makes getting your hair done a wonderful experience. And the friendly staff make even just getting a trim feel like the best treat your self day!
Celeste Rivas
Celeste is amazing! She always knows exactly what my hair needs. Before I met her, my curly hair was a nightmare. Celeste showed me how to care and style my hair to look the best and healthiest its been in years! I love buying products from her as well! If she doesn’t love the product or fully believe in it, she doesn’t offer it or even have it. And her quality of product is always extremely high. She would never put low quality product in anyone’s hair! I would recommend Celeste to everyone!!!!
— Wendy J.